What is it? The Rotary Scholarship Committee along with Suncadia homeowners provides scholarship opportunities for local students to attend 2 year college, 4 year college, and trade schools (examples: Perry Tech, Bluestone Academy). Rotary also works with Central Washington University and the Shoemaker Foundation to provide substantial multi-year scholarships to CWU.

For Whom? All students attending Cle Elum-Roslyn, Easton, Thorp, and other Upper Kittitas County high school programs, including home-school programs, are eligible and encouraged to apply.

How to Apply? Download the Scholarship Information and Scholarship Application to get started! Please contact Erica Browitt at browitter@cersd.org to apply or with questions.

Application Requirements

  • Be on track to receive a High School Diploma or a General Equivalency Degree (GED)
  • A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or better
  • Attend a UKC Rotary Meeting by April 8 (Strongly Recommended) (more information on this below)
  • Submit Application Form and
  • All required items: transcript, service activities, letter of recommendation, extracurricular activities, future plans, objective(s) and goals, and essays
  • All work must be the applicant’s own work
  • Turn in Application by March 23, 2020
UKC Rotary Meeting Requirement Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a UKC Rotary Club meeting by April 8, 2020.  Meetings are Wednesday at 7:00 AM. Location to be determined, (you will be notified of the location when you schedule your visit). At the meeting, you will be asked to give the Club a brief spoken overview of who you are, what you have been doing, and what your plans, objectives, and goals are for the future. Also, speak to what service work (formal and/or informal) you have been a part of for the past four years. (Please contact us if you are unable to attend or need assistance with transportation.)