Over the past several years the Rotary Scholarship Committee has forged some incredible partnerships to offer Upper County graduates amazing opportunities.

4 years ago we were approached by a group of Suncadia homeowners. Their wish was to get more involved in the community, specifically by providing educational opportunities for our kids. That first year we started the “Ask Campaign” the homeowners donated over $30,000 dollars! To date we have received over $260,000 from the homeowners with most making multi-year commitments. We are well on our way this year to changing the lives of our graduates.

Three years ago The Foundation at Central Washington University was contacted and they offered their support, agreeing to partner with us. Currently any Rotary Scholarship recipient who attends CWU receives a dollar for dollar Foundation match up to $2500 a year for 4 years! We have been fortunate to have not only the President of the Foundation but also the President of CWU in attendance at scholarship night the past 2 years. These very generous folks have presented our scholarship awards to the kids who have committed to CWU for higher education.

In an effort to provide even more assistance to our students, we approached the Shoemaker Foundation. They agreed not only to partner with us but to provide the same “match” as the Foundation. These partnerships along with one generous Suncadia Donor, allowed us to offer the first full-tuition ride scholarship ever presented in Upper County. 2019 will see at least one more full-tuition ride scholarship with potential to add additional awards based on the quality of the applicants.

The Shoemaker Foundation also has an amazing scholarship program for Upper County students. Last year they announced that they too will be able to offer a matching award from the CWU Foundation! That makes the dream of an affordable college education completely attainable to our kids!

Students can apply for and receive multiple awards from local organizations. I highly encourage students to apply for any scholarship they qualify for. If a student is awarded a Rotary Scholarship AND a Shoemaker Foundation scholarship, BOTH are eligible for the Foundation at CWU match.


We look forward to receiving your application!